Life Next Door, volume 2

For this second volume of Life Next door, I invited my digital neighbors —people I «see» online everyday— to share a glimpse of their experience of their physical neighborhood.  

They sent a wonderful collection of essays, comics, collage that will delight you I’m sure. I contributed a few comics of my own, inspired by my new neighborhood in Asheville, North Carolina.

May this zine encourage you to observe and take in the incredibly rich life that surrounds you, wherever you are!

“How do I get this zine?!”

Life Next Door, the zine, volume 2 – 18 pages, full color, hand-sewn.

By clicking here!

Thank you to all the artists who participated!!

Kerri (Mulcare) Sandve is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from St. Paul, Mn working under the imprint Carbon Copy Co. Press. She received her BFA in Print, Paper, Book Arts from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Sezura (or Monika) lives in Dortmund, Germany and dislikes perfectionism. She mainly draws from direct observation and has been keeping a comic style diary with daily drawings for almost a year now.

Alex Prince is a mixed media artist who lives and creates work in St. Paul. She loves exploring the colors, products, and stories found in catalogs, magazines, and cookbooks from the 1940s–1960s. @theartofaprince

Maddy Buck writes and draws in Minnesota. Her comics have appeared in The Rumpus, Graphic Medicine’s COVID-19 Comics, and the American Illustration 39 Archive.  Find her at

Erica Nightly lives in Nuremberg, Germany and finally moved to an apartment with a balcony in 2020. Her kitty and her love watching birds from there! @thechiffchaffsgarden

Tani Hemmila lives in Minneapolis and is the creator of Discovering Ordinary, an art and story project revealing itself in the making. @discovering_ordinary

Mandy Lebides is a documentary comic artist living in Portugal. She enjoysdrawing and writing about life as people live it and experience it. Her comics focus on how they respond to that.

E.A. Farro is a climate scientist who spent several years working in politics.Her publications have appeared in The Rumpus, The Kenyon Review, and The Normal School, among others. She teaches Unlocking Creative Flow at the Loft Literary Center. Find out more at

Kate Sophia lives in NE Minneapolis, MN where is recovering her creativity through collage, book arts, and ukulele.

Natalie Vestin is a writer, artist, rosemaler, infectious disease researcher, and friend to squirrels. She lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


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